Standards of university training programs

Implementing Circular 2196 / BGDDT-HE dated 22/4/2010 of the Minister of Education and Training regarding the formulation and publication manual of the standards of training sectors. University of Construction has issued Decision No. 974QD-DHXD dated 22.09.2010 of the Headmaster of University of Construction regarding the Standards Regulation for the training sectors with the following targets:

  • Publicly announce to the society on training capacity and conditions to ensure the quality of the school in order for students, parents, employers to know and monitor. Realize the school's commitment to society regarding the quality of training for managers, teachers and students to put up efforts in teaching and learning. Innovate management training, teaching, evaluating and studying methods. Simultaneously, define the obligations and improve the accountability of management staff and teachers in/for the teaching activities and management in order to help students overcome difficulties in learning and self-studying to meet the outcome standard.
  • Publicly announce to learners to know that they will be equipped with knowledge after graduating from a specialized sector, a standard level of professional competence, professional knowledge, practical skills, cognitive ability and resolving problems, jobs that learners can undertake after graduation
  • Create opportunities to enhance cooperation between schools and enterprises in training and using the human resources to society, to meet the requirements of the employers.

Annually, schools always perform a review and update the learning outcome standard of training programs to meet the task of training and practical needs.

Outcome standard is applied to the sectors of higher education in the academic year 2015 - 2016 as follows:

 1. Specialized Civil and Industrial Construction training program
 2.  Specialized Technical system in buildings training program
 3. Specialized Port and waterway Construction training program
 4. Specialized Irrigation - Hydropower Construction training program
 5.  Specialized Computing Construction training program
 6.  Specialized Roads and Bridges Construction training program
 7. Water Supply and Drainage training program
 8. Technology & Environmental Management training program
 9. Specialized Marine Works - Oil and Gas Construction training program
10.Specialized Coastal construction training program
11.Engineering Technology and building materials training program
12.Specialized Economy Construction training program
13.Specialized Economics and Urban Management training program
14.Specialized Economics and Real state Management training program
15.Specialized Software Engineering training program
16.Specialized System Network training program
17.Specialized Machinery for Construction training program
18.Specialized Mechanized Construction training program
19.Survey Engineering training program
20.Architecture training program
21.Specialized Metropolitan Planning training program
22.Specialized Transport Infrastructure training program
23.Specialized Urban Engineering training program
24.Specialized Hydro Construction training program
25.Specialized Interior Furniture training program