High quality training program

In recent years, the National University of Civil Engineering has promoted international cooperation in order to meet the goal of development and integration, including cooperation programs, joint training. Cooperation activities and joint training open opportunities to approach learning and experiences of advanced education, thereby, it increased the quality of training which included capacity in building expertise and languages.

French training program

Majors and specialty training:

  •   French Architecture (KDF)
  •   French Building and Industrial Construction (XF)

Training target:  Training French Engineer and Architecture in order to meet the demand of society with high quality human resource and international integration.

  • The program is supported by the French government, organizations and Universities of Francophonie (AUF,AUCC...)

Scholarships and Study abroad

  •  Most students after graduation will be received to the graduate program at partner universities of the Francophone community (France, Belgium, Canada, etc., with the AUF scholarships, the Embassy of France, Belgium, Canada and the Government of France (Eiffel).
  •  At the end of the fourth year, eligible students will be selected to study for 2 years which follow 2 diplomas training program.
  •  After more than 20 years of specialized training in French Building and Industrial Construction, the University had over 90 students who had Ph.D certification and nearly 280 students protected and studied Master in prestigious Universities of France, Belgium and Canada, etc.

Graduate certificate

  • Students who graduated from French training programs will licenseengineer, architect of the National University of Civil Engineering and certification of University of Francophonie organizations (AUF).
  • Students in the 2 diplomas program will be licensed degree in engineer of the National University of Civil Engineering and architect of partner Universities such as ESTP Paris, ENTPE Lyon, Institute Mines – Telecom and INSA Rennes.

Job Opportunities

  • Besides the agencies and units in the construction field, French engineers and architectures will have priority to introduce to work in French businesses in construction field, architecture and planning which active in Viet Nam and international.
  • After entering the University, students of Architecture and Building and Industrial Construction will apply for recruitment into the French training program.

English training program

Majors and specialtiestraining program

  • English Architect (KDE)                                             
  • English Building and Industrial Construction (XE)
  • English Water Supply and Drainage (MNE)                      
  • English Building Bridges (CDE)
  • English Construction Economics (KTE)   

Training target: Training English Engineer and Architecture in order to meet the demand of society with high quality human resource and international integration.

Scholarship and study abroad

  • Students will be introduced and took part in activities, programs and cooperation projects of the National University of Civil Engineering with Universities and organizations in the world (United States, United Kingdom, Japan, Australia, Taiwan, Italia, Korea, Thailand, Malaysia, etc.)
  • Priority to have scholarship in other countries.

Job Opportunities

  •  In addition to the construction agencies and units, English engineers and architects will have the priority to be introduced to work in foreign enterprises and joint ventures of construction, architecture and planning operating in Vietnam and internationally.
  • After entering the school, students will register the English language training program.


Training programs for High quality engineers in Vietnam (PFIEV):

Training sectors at the University of Construction

- This is a joint project on education and training between Vietnamese and the French government. The project is implemented in 4 schools: University of Construction, Universities of Science and Technology in Hanoi, Da Nang and Ho Chi Minh City. The first enrollment was in 1999.

  •  Transport infrastructure
  •  Urban engineering
  •  Hydraulic engineering construction


- Based on the training program of engineers of many prestigious universities of France and drafted by experts from France and Vietnam:

  • Foundation stage: Louis Le Grand pre-university
  • Specialized stage:

   + Transport infrastructure sector: Pont ParisTech University

             + Urban Engineering Sector: Lyon Science Application Institute (INSA-LYON)

   + Hydro Engineering Sector: Central Paris (Ecole Central) University

Financial facilities

  • The French government has funded the construction of laboratories for PFIEV - University of Construction that includes: computer lab, material lab, chemistry lab, physics lab, hydraulic laboratory and 1 library with a variety of foreign documents.
  • Since 2008, the Ministry of Education and Training has invested and provided funds for the construction of electronic - electrical engineering laboratories, computer rooms, multimedia language classrooms.


  • High-quality engineer Diplomas are recognized as the equivalence to master degrees in Europe, North America and Vietnam.

Job opportunities and studying abroad

  • Every year, 4th year students are granted 04 full Erasmus + Eiffel scholarships to study in France under two degrees simultaneously program by France and the European Community. There are 5 internship scholarships graduated in 6 months at the Pont ParisTech, INSA-LYON and Ecole Central.
  • 4th year students are granted many partial scholarships by French Advanced mechanical Institute and the system of schools of Mining to study in France.
  • There are many post-university opportunities in developed countries after being graduated from the University of Construction due to the international recognition of high quality engineer diplomas. The number of PFIEV students studying abroad so far is about 164 students out of 626 students graduated.
  • There are many opportunities to work in domestic and international companies as PFIEV students possess a profound and broad expertise, and a good competence of foreign languages ​​(French, English).