Faculty of Mechanical Engineering

The Construction Machinery major was taught at the Polytechnic University since the 5th year. Implementing Decision No. 144/CP dated 8th August, 1966 on the establishment of National University of Civil Engineering, Construction Machinery was moved to National University of Civil Engineering, originally belong to the Faculty of Irrigation - Port. In September 1967, Construction Machinery was separated from the Faculty of Irrigation - Port to establish the Faculty of Mechanical Engineering which includes the following subjects:

  • Construction Machinery
  • Electrical Engineering
  • Thermal Engineering
  • Mechanical Workshop

- Milestones

  • In 1968, Mechanical Engineering Fundamental department was established. The first head of Faculty was Assoc. Prof. Dr Dang Quoc Son. In the beginning, the Faculty’s headquarter was located in Gia Luong – Ha Bac (now called Luong Tai – Bac Ninh).
  • In 1971, the Faculty moved to Bong Xuyen – Huong Canh and situated there until 1981. 
  • In 1982, the Faculty moved to Phuc Xa – Ba Dinh – Ha Noi, subsequently moved to Dong Tam – Hai Ba Trung – Ha Noi. At that time,  Thermal Engineering department was removed from the Faculty and Physics department was added.
  • In 2006, Mechanical Research and Experiment Laboratory was founded based on Mechanical Workshop.
  • In 2007, for the society’s demand, Construction Machinery department was devided into two departments, which were Construction Machinery and Construction Mechanization. Since then, apart from training engineers in construction machinery major, the Faculty also trains engineers in construction mechanization.

- Achievements

  • Along with the training mission, lecturers of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering also participate in scientific research and production. The lecturers participate in chairing research topics, especially in the field of applied research. The Faculty and Institute of Mechanical - Electrical Engineering Science and Technology have become a reliable source of the producers as well as research institutions in the field of research – implementation of Mechanical - Electrical Engineering projects and topics.
  • Many studies - applications of the teachers have been demonstrating their efficiency in production. Many scientific works were awarded at National level, received “Invention patent rights" and Gold medal at scientific exhibitions.
  • Many units and individuals of the Faculties were awarded with Labor Order and Defeat American Aggression Badge by the Government.
  • Encouraging students’ participation in research, Olympiad contest and Excellent graduation thesis contest are annual activities of the Faculty’s teachers and students.
  • Along with the formation and development of the National University of Civil Engineering, Faculty of Mechanical Engineering has become an integral part in the development and continuous growth of the university.
  • Many generations of teachers - students in the Faculty have successively contributed to the development of Faculty of Mechanical Engineering and National University of Civil Engineering in particular and of the country in general.