Faculty of International Education

In order to implement long-term development strategy to promote the process of internationalization of education, the Faculty of International was established by  the National University of Civil Engineering on June 27th, 2016, based on cooperating activities and joint training programs with major international partners in the world (France, Germany, Belgium, Italy, Japan, Taiwan) which were set in the last decades.

As a division with specific characteristics, the Faculty of International Education plays an important role in improving the quality of training, developing training programs towards  international standards, training well-educated, skilled and good at foreign languages human resources, serving the country’s industrialization and modernization and meeting requirements of international integration of higher education in Vietnam.

In close coordination with the International Cooperation Department and International Cooperation Center for Education and Consultancy (ICCEC), the Faculty of International Education will be the one who organize and implement the development the long-term joint training programs, short-term training courses and educational cooperation project between the National University of Civil Engineering with international educational organizations in the world.

Young staff of the Faculty of International Education and ICCEC

Despite being a new faculty, the Faculty of International education is able to fully leverage the existing strengths of National University of Civil Engineering: skilled lecturers who are trained abroad, dynamic learning environment, good education equipment learning and especially a team of enthusiastic and qualified lecturers and students.

Objective - Vision

Contribute to improve the education quality of National University of Civil Engineering towards modern education, accessing advanced higher education in the region and around the world.

Faculty of International Education - National University of Civil Engineering strive to become an advanced education institution with international quality to meet the demand of high quality human resources, serving the needs of socio-economic development of the country.