University’s campus in Hanoi has a total area of 3.9 ha, including lecture halls of H1 (6 floors) and H2 (4 floors), Library (4 floors), Laboratory (10 floors), Sports Centre (1403m2), convention hall of G3 (900 seats), Administrative Offices of A1 (6 floors) and Dormitory (7464m2/1500 beds). Currently, the University is building its Experimental Training Centre in Nam Cao Residential Area, Phu Ly city of Ha Nam province with an area of over 24 ha.

Panorama of the National University of Civil EngineeringNational University of Civil Engineering main campus  in Hanoi

National University of Civil Engineering – New campus in Ha Nam province 


Lecture Hall H1

Lecture halls 
•    Total area of lecture halls H1, H2, C4 and laboratory: 17,000 m2
•    Total number of classrooms: 99 (50-150 seats/room)
•    Laboratory and Workshops: 16 

Total area: 3590 m2 with 705 seats, including:
•    Domestic material reading room: 160 seats
•    Foreign material reading room: 70 seats
•    Computer-based reading and searching room: 95 seats
•    Reading room for PhD learners and lecturers: 35 seats
•    Multi-media room: 45 seats
•    Self-studying rooms for students: 300 seats

Textbooks and documents 
•    Textbook room: 118,878 books
•    Domestic material reading room: 20,390 books
•    Foreign material reading room: 38,404 books


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