The National University of Civil Engineering is proud of its high-qualified staff with good experience, dedication to work and high responsibility in order to achieve the University’s political goals. As of October 2015, the National University of Civil Engineering had 958 staff, comprising 821 lecturers and 202 administrative officers. The teaching staff of the University  consist of  senior lecturers and experienced scientists who have participated in training activities in 14  specializations at undergraduate level, 15 specializations at postgraduate level and 13 specializations at PhD level, including:

  • People’s teachers: 09
  • Meritorious teachers: 67
  • Professors: 24
  • Associate professors: 83
  • Senior lecturers: 127
  • Doctors of science and doctors: 205
  • Masters: over 500

Staff training and enhancement of knowledge and qualifications are highly appreciated by the University, in order to develop the staff in both quantity and quality.


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