Study at NUCE

National University of Civil Engineering offersstudy courses at both undergraduate and post-graduate level

Undergraduate (Bachelor’sdegrees to engineers and architects):
•    Full-time undergraduate courses (currently training for approximately 19,000 students), including: 
o    Full-time first universitydegree: 24 majors/disciplines, 5 years at the university campus;
o    Full-time second university degree: 20 majors/disciplines, 3 years at the university campus;
o    Full-time inter-college transfer: 10 majors/disciplines, 2.5 years at the university campus;
•    Part-time In-service undergraduate courses: 24 majors/disciplines, 5.5 years at the university campus, training scale of 3,000 students, excluding short-term and continuing training courses.

Post-graduate(Master’s&Doctoral degree)
•    Master’sprogram: 17 majors with a scale of 1,950 learners
•    Doctoralprograms: 19 majors with a scale of 135 learners
Apart from these courses, the University also offers short-term courses (certificate-granted). The objectives of the courses are to improve and update knowledge for learners via seminars designed on the basis of the reality demand such as Construction Supervision, Construction Project Management, Construction Tender, Real-Estate or courses to improve professional skills for new graduates, etc.


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