An overview of the activities of international cooperation

To meet the goal of development and integration, in recent years, the university has been promoting the international cooperation in fields of scientific training and research. The activities of international cooperation have an important role in building the brand, bringing practical effects to enhance the reputation of the university in the hearts of international friends and partners, to directly create an opportunity to improve professional skills, foreign languages, international exchanges for staff and students of the University.

The collaborative research on technology transfer has been done with many universities, research institutions, global corporations such as Damstadt University of Germany, Shimizu Corporation, JFE corporation - Japan, Lotte corporation of South Korea. Many large international conferences have been held at the university as CIB- America (2010), SBE-UK (2013), USMCA- Japan (2013), and the International Workshop for architectural students from Italy, Japan, Singapore in 2014.

With a view from now until 2020 to become the leading university in education and research in the field of civil engineering, gradually integrate into the regional and global university system. The university has continually maintained and developed relations of international cooperation, signed over 100 agreements with approximately 80 International universities and organizations from more than 40 countries worldwide in Europe, America , Asia, Australia, Africa such as France, Belgium, England, Holland, Germany, Russia, Italy, Sweden, USA, Canada, Australia, Japan, China, Korea, Taiwan, Thailand.

Active aspects

Activities of the international cooperation focus on these following main aspects:

  • Preparation of improvement projects of training capacity, infrastructure and scientific research.
  • Exchange of staff and students
  • Organization of scientific conferences and workshops in Vietnam and abroad
  • Development and implementation of International joint training programs
  • Search and call for Universities, International Research Institutes to award scholarships to study at Masters and PhD levels for staff and students of the University.

Within 5 years, hundreds of staff and students have received full scholarships at many Universities in the world, nearly 100 students of the University studying the international affiliate programs and nearly 50 faculty members trained abroad have been participating in these teaching programs during the last 7 years.

Every year, National University of Civil Engineering welcomes hundreds of foreign delegations to visit and work in average; organizes numerous advanced training courses in the areas of Project Management, Applied Science and Technology in foundation construction, Applied Science in Fire prevention in modern Architecture and Construction, Untra high-rise building structure...

The University has also received many international students serving their internship in Vietnam from Germany, France, Canada, Netherlands ... These activities are implemented through the International Cooperation Department (ICD) and the International Collaboration Center for Education and Consultancy (ICCEC).

International affiliate programs currently implemented


1. Affiliate program with University of Construction and Architecture in Weimar - Germany - From 2008 (Majors: Architecture, Construction);

2. Affiliate program with University of Nordhausen Applied Sciences - Germany (Majors: Environmental Technology, New Energy and Renewable Technologies).     


1. Affiliate Master Training Program with National Taiwan University - NTU (Majors: Structural engineering, Construction Project Management)

2. Affiliate Master Training Program with University of Liege - Belgium (Major: Industrial Management)

3. Affiliate Doctoral Training Program with TUDelft- Netherlands, Liege-Belgium.

4. Affiliate Master Training Program between National University of Civil Engineering and University of Saitama (Japan)

5. Japanese - Vietnamese Human Resource Development Promotion Project

International affiliate programs to be implemented in the near future:

1. Affiliate training program with University of Complutense Madrid and other Spanish Universities (Majors: Construction, Architecture and Planning).

2. Affiliate training program with University of Cincinnati College of Engineering and Applied Sciences - USA, University of North Carolina - USA (Majors: Construction and Project Management).

3. Affiliate training program with Thammasat University - Thailand (Major: Construction).

The orientation of National University of Civil Engineering in International Cooperation is to maintain the relations that have been established with international universities and institutions, to establish new international affiliate training programs to enhance the reputation and image of the University in the international education view worldwide.


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