General activities of Science – Technology in the University of Construction

With 1023 staff and teachers including 24 faculty professors, 83 associate professors, 5 doctors of science and 200 Doctors, the University of Construction has become one of the leading universities in the field of construction as well as a center for research, development and application of scientific and technological progress and is in a strong position in Vietnam while having partnerships with many national and international universities, research institutions and organizations.

Over the past 5 years, the university has 672 theses of University level and key University level, 136 theses of Ministry level and equivalent, 6 theses of State level, 6 tasks on Scientific research and 17 tasks on State Management and Environmental protection. There is 1 Scientific research program at Ministry of Education and Training level on Design and construction of ultra-high-rise in Vietnam; 2 projects of strengthening the capacity of laboratories of Ministry of Education and Training (1 project was completed in 2013, 1 began in 2014); 1 project of the trial production of Hanoi Department of Science and Technology. There are 243 articles published in international journals including 56 in SCI and 184 articles on conferences and international scientific seminars.

A large number of students and teachers participate in the Science and Technology activities of students, especially the outstanding activity of "Science and Technology week of the University of Construction's students" maintained order. From 2009 to 2014, 743 theses were reported in 6 Science and Technology conferences of students at University level, including 631 awarded theses. The university has sent 54 theses to participate in the Ministerial level examination.

Over the past 5 years, Science and technology magazine has published 26 editions with about 300 articles. The magazine is evaluated as of high quality and seriousness. The magazine has been released to the State Council for the Professor Title of Vietnam and sectors, Science and Technology departments, corporations and relevant agencies, etc. The magazine has been put online by the Vietnamese science online journals of the National Administration of Science and Technology (Ministry of Science and Technology).

The university currently has 13 active Science and Technology Institutes under Decree 115, 01 company active in the field of Construction Consulting, 01 company implementing activities of Technology Investment and Development and some scientific and training centers.

Science and Technology department

Science and Technology Department is a function room of the University that was established in 1966 along with the time established the University of Construction. the Department is responsible for assisting the Principal in performing the tasks of planning, organizing and evaluating the implementation of scientific research and technology transfer in the university.

Head of the department

  • Manager: Associate Professor and Doctor Tran Van Lien
  • Deputy manager: Associate Professor and Doctor Dinh Van Thuat, Professor and Doctor Nguyen Viet Phuong

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