Construction digitalization for sustainable development: Transforming through innovation

On November 24, the National University of Civil Engineering (NUCE) organized the international conference "Construction digitalization for sustainable development: Transforming through innovation: Transforming through innovation - CDSD 2020".

The conference was held in the form of online via Zoom application. The conference was attended by experts, researchers, scholars of 26 countries with the contributions of 79 articles through the manual. It was a continuation of the previous event organized by NUCE since 2018.

At opening remarks, Assoc.Prof. Nguyen Hoang Giang, NUCE’s Vice Rector, Chairman of the conference said that NUCE is honored to be a venue to organize this International Conference and is even more honored where is the cradle to develop BIM in Vietnam. Innovation is one of the important topics in training and the application of BIM in construction is inevitable. Despite the limitations due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the conference still attracted a large number of participants around the world. That demonstrates the importance of the digital transformation of the construction for the sake of sustainable development. Hopefully, this conference will bring many interests and hope to welcome all participants in the year 2022.

According to Dr. Le Van Cu, Director - Institute of Construction Economics – Ministry of Construction, Deputy Standing Committee, BIM of the Vietnamese government: “Industry 4.0 increasingly has a profound impact on all activities of social life. This revolution has made certain positive contributions to the construction in general and in Vietnam in particular. Despite many difficulties, the initial application of BIM in smart city has had certain results. This conference will certainly record many valuable ideas and experiences to serve the successful transformation of the construction industry”.

At the conference, Ms. Donna McGowan, Country Director, British Council in Vietnam said that the UK is recognized as a leading country in BIM application and the British Council is fortunate to be one of the co-partners accompanying NUCE to develop BIM application in Vietnam. The conference is an opportunity for scientists to share experiences and discuss about BIM application in construction. This event should be shared and multiplied to contribute to a strong promotion to sustainable development in Vietnam.

Prof. Dr. Eric Lou, University of Manchester Metropolitan, UK, said online, “This event took place during the Covid-19 season proving that humanity cannot live without cooperation and solidarity. When everyone works together, all difficulties seem to be pushed back. Digital transformation in the construction industry should happen soon and BIM should be applied in smart city.

Mr. Nguyen Bao Lam, CEO of Ecotek who shared his views and ideas in building smart cities. Smart city helps people to have better lives. Building a smart city should be based on the principle of combining both architecture and technology elements to create the core value of a city.

On November 24, there were reports presented at the seminar including: Prefabricated intelligent technology using digital models; Build Intelligence based on computer vision and internet of things; Current practical situation in the field of construction robots in the United States; Integrating BIM into construction engineering training; Train human resources to prepare for the digitization of the construction industry in Vietnam.

On November 25 will be the presentations of the subcommittees including: Building information model, big data and data management; Breakthrough and innovative technology in construction; Smart, sustainable cities and infrastructure; Automation in construction; Digital ecosystem for engineering and construction management; Education and training for the transition to Industry 4.0.