World Webometrics Ranking: National University of Civil Engineering is ranked 25th out of 176 schools in Vietnam

On July 28th, 2020, Cybermetrics Lab just announced the second Webometrics ranking result of 2020. Webometrics is a worldwide university ranking based on the analysis of a large amount of web data, dating back to 2004; it is published twice a year at the end of January and the end of July. This ranking assesses the digitalization capacity, academic capacity and the impact of academic resources of higher education institutions based on 4 types of indicators collected from reliable, automatic, online sources.

In this ranking, National University of Civil Engineering has surpassed 264 ranks to 5,013th out of more than 30,000 universities in the world, 25th out of 176 universities in Vietnam.

The improvement in the ranking of July 2020 compared to the one of January 2020 was noted mainly from the growth of the Openness index (Top cited researchers): from 5651st to 2860th. This indicator is associated with the result of developing the Google Scholar community branded @ This is the forum helping the lecturers of National University of Civil Engineering to exchange information, support scientific publication, etc.

Webometrics' ranking methodology

1. Presence: Index of digital resources posted online. The data is taken from Google Search. This is an index evaluating the size of websites and digital resources of higher education institutions. The rating weight is 5%.

2. Visibility (or Impact): Index of the number of links pointing to the university website. Data is collected from Ahref and Majestic. This is an indicator evaluating the degree of influence of the university. It accounts for 50% of the consideration taken.

3. Openness (Top cited researchers): Index of citations of the top 110 scientists in higher education institutions with profiles on Google Scholar (excluding the number of citations of the top scientists with the highest citations). The data is from Google Scholar. This is an index related to the university's Google Scholar community strength. The rating weight is 10%.

4. Excellence (Top cited papers): Index of ranking the number of papers of the university in the group of 10% of the most cited articles among 26 groups of specialized fields in the Scopus database (2013-2017 period) . The data is taken from Scopus database. It is a measure of high quality output of research institutions. It accounts for 35% of the consideration taken.

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