National University of Civil Engineering is a training campus which fosters scientific and technical staff with Bachelor’s and postgraduate degrees in many different majors and disciplinesof construction. After nearly 60 years of training and 50 years of establishment, the university has educated thousands of engineers and architects for the country. NUCE alumni get jobs in all parts of the country and are highly appreciated by employers. Our university is always open to welcome you to study and to be trainedin this university and become engineers, architects in the future.

Annually, NUCE enrolls students forthe following training programs:
•    Undergraduate:
o    Full-time programs for first university degree 
o    Full-time programs for second university degree 
o    Full-time programs for inter-college transfer diploma
o    In-service and professional training programs
•    Postgraduate level, including:
o    Master’sprograms
o    Doctoral programs


Applying full-time undergraduate programs
Applying postgraduate programs
Applying in-service and professional short-term courses
Applying internationally cooperative training courses